Life Happens

Day in, day out, I follow my newsfeed checking what each blogger I follow has been up to. Inspiring, nonetheless, with new ideas and concepts to sit back and think about. Each week I get my reminder, as a blogger, saying “Express Yourself! (and meet your goal!), and the last one reminded me that “We know that sometimes life gets in the way…”. That got me thinking.

So here I am to say, life happens. And sometimes, it does just that – it gets in the way.

I’ve been saying “life happens” a lot lately, but why? What does that really mean and what am I trying to get at? Why does “it happen”?

Those two words tend to have hundreds of words packed into them. The simple gestureĀ isn’t that simple; yet, somehow everyone tends to understand. We’ve all been there, we all know when it happens. 4 weeks ago classes started and I was back in “reality” at my home University, no longer exploring the world while studying abroad, no more extended ports and adventures, a change in pace (what happened to military time and 2 hour breakfasts?), over connected again in our world that needs desperately to learn to disconnect, less “spark” so to say, and no more miscommunication from language barriers, but on the ways we think and view our society and our ever changing world. Match that with taking 15 credits, lesson plans and papers for teaching, coaching on the weekends, 3 meetings in the evenings, being President of an organization, finding jobs, reconnecting with friends, freezing weather, and just trying to understand and adjust some to life back in this “reality”. Now that, is when I like to say “life happens”.

What surprises me is how easy it is to fall back in this fast pace, technology driven environment and get distracted by what we really enjoy or want to be doing. We get caught up in the actions of today and needs for tomorrow that we forget to live in the moment.

A mentor once told me “Are you truly living the days or simply moving through the actions?” I think we allow ourselves to get into this monotonous routine, which is fine for some, but we then often begin to neglect our passions and the simple things that give us joy while trying to conquer all of the other needs and demands of our day. This distracts us from doing things for pure enjoyment, like watching movies, cooking full meals, or writing. It too easily


gets put on the back burner and I am one to say I abuse the term “life happens” when it comes to straying away from my desires.

So, we must ask ourselves what it is that we wish to be occupying our time with and why it gets set aside. Then, remind ourselves to stop for a moment and soak it in. It’s as simple as us taking a breath, sitting back, and letting the calmness sooth us with the fresh breeze of air, with a thankful smile of acknowledgement. Changing our pace, so instead of rushing through the sips, we’re enjoying the smell of the coffee. These moments bring out those big moments that matter the most, even if it is just for a little while. So life is happening right now, as I sit back and enjoy the moments of my weekend getaway to Chicago, and embrace the overnight buses that brought me here. Truly living the days!

As always, life happens.


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